• An update for Kirakira has been released (v1.03b), please redownload her in the OTHER DL section

  • Patch Notes v1.03b:
    Note: If you downloaded the R18 patch before, it is necessary to redownload it for this update
    - Fix Burst always launching enemies towards the right
    - Fixed Killer Pain and Killer-go-round causing crashes in Simul Mode when hitting two targets
        - Killer pain now only ever effects one enemy
    - Renamed AIConfig.txt to Config.txt
    - Implemented censored versions of special KO sprites (white ray of light variety)
        - In addition to this, added a new setting in the Config.txt file to toggle special KO sprites on/off
        - Made special KO portraits horizontally flip properly when on P2
    - Added graphical player arrows for out of height bounds, and simul mode situations
    - Sped up the Killer World cutscene a bit
    - Slightly modified the frequency that "Hurt" voice lines play
    - Added partner intro compatibility with other Dohna characters
    - Shifted the .st categorization of some states
    - Renamed some moves within the readme

  • Added Mirror download links for characters in the OTHER DL page (mediafire)


  • A hotfix for Kirakira has been released (v1.02), please redownload her in the OTHER DL section

  • Patch Notes v1.02:
    - Fixed using Overhead Saw after Killer Peach causing Kirakira to float
    - Made chainsaw sounds stop when cancelling out of Killer ride
    - Fixed remappal error console message
    - Added missing landing dust effect from her intro
    - Extended the duration of how long the Firecracker item image shows when taunting
    - Nerfed Killer World, by halving the amount of passes allowed before failing (10 basically guranteed hits)
    - Slightly nerfed power gain of Killer Pain
    - Modified or added more info to readme file

  • There has been a lot of confusion with my character's sprites not showing up on people's Mugen setups. Make sure that on top of using MUGEN v1.1, that your RenderSetting option in mugen.cfg is set to OpenGL, or else the sprites won't show.
    This notice has also been added to the top of the download pages.

  • Further changes to the External Links pages


  • An all new character has been released! Check out Kirakira in the new OTHER DL section of the site

  • Some changes have been done to the site, mainly separating the FKG MUGEN content from unrelated MUGEN content. FKG content now have their own page, while unrelated MUGEN content have another. This is to prepare for the future where I plan on branching out the MUGEN content I create.

  • Slight changes to the About Me and External Links pages


  • A special Halloween release is here, Hallow Knight Girls (Pumpkin v1.0) is released. Check out the downloads page

  • I have gone through all the Flower Knight download pages and made minor visual changes, corrections or info updates to the pages (the characters themselves are the same, I just updated the web pages). Some web pages as a result now have different URL addresses. If you've bookmarked any specific character pages, it'd be a good idea to update you bookmarks. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Mora has recieved a minor updated to v1.04, mostly minor nerfs and visual tweaks. Updated details are in the included ReadMe file. Her Download Link has been updated, and you can re-download her there.


  • A new character, Kitsune no Botan (v1.01), has been released! Check it out at the Downloads page.


  • A new MUGEN character, Mora (Custom) is now available for download! Check out the downloads page in the "Other DL" section for the link. She is a port from the Nitroplus Blasterz fighting game.

  • It's the first time I have tried porting a character from an actual fighting game. It was fun, and I think i learned quite a bit from this. Hoping to apply what I learned in future creations.


  • The newest character, Hoshikujaku (Easter Cactus) v1.01 is now available for download! Check out the downloads page for more info!

  • Added Twitter link to External Links page


  • My first character edit, and a joke character at that, is now available for download. Grab DeeEhmCee 2 Donte (v1.01) in the new Character Edits in the Downloads page. Hopefully the first of many future joke edits.

  • Modified the About Me page

  • Apologies for the inactivity. I've been busy with life these past few months, but hopefully can continue making more MUGEN content again soon


It's been one year since I started making MUGEN content!

  • To commemorate the occasion, I've made a new version of Nymphaea, my very first character creation. This one is called Blossoming Nymphaea! Her download page and version v1.01 are up. Check it out!

  • Minor changes to "About" page


  • A new character Plumeria is now available for download. She is a grappler type character, and uses High-Res sprites proper since I tested the method on Habranthus! Check out the download page.

  • Added two stages for download, Flower Knight Courtyard and FKG Storybook. Check out the download page for links and info.


  • Anri has finally been reworked and released after a long hiatus. Her character page and Ver1.0 is now up for download.

  • Changed "MUGEN Characters" page name to "MUGEN Downloads" instead, for potential MUGEN content other than characters in the future (ie, stages)


  • Fennel has recieved a substantial update to version 1.1 with some new content 

  • It seems that for some reason, this wix.com sit builder keeps messing with the prebuilt "Blog" plugin to use to organize the MUGEN character download pages, which would explain why something seems to break every month on the character pages which results in weird text, broken links, etc. I'll will try to remain vigilant and keep an eye on it until I possibly figure out a better way to organize the character download pages.


  • I just realized that a half of the character download pages had incorrect or broken links leading to the wrong downloads. I apologize deeply for the mix-ups, and have updated the character pages to have the correct download links

  • If anymore such errors are encountered either with this website or in the characters themselves, feel free to e-mail me at my contact address: molomowmugen@gmail.com
    ...or comment on one of my youtube videos.


  • Uploaded new character page, Habranthus

  • Visual and description changes to character pages and other web pages

  • Added a new personal Dev Journal page in order to keep track of my own progress.


  • Uploaded new character page, Poppy

  • EDIT: Important hotfix for Poppy has been updated (v1.02) See character page for details and new download. Apologies to those who downloaded beforehand.

  • Changed cover image of MLG Ivy to better reflect content

  • Minor changes to "About" page


  • Uploaded MLG and FKG Ivy.

  • Added entry for WIP character(s) and may continue to do so going forward.

  • Added Change Logs to character pages for details update history, and will continue to do so going forward.

  • Minor visual changes to site and existing pages.

  • Flower Drunk Girls has a new cover image to better reflect content


Website Established.

All past content has been uploaded:

  • Nymphaea

  • Lady's Sorrel

  • Flower Drunk Girls

  • Fennel

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