Development History and Progress Journal

I thought it would be useful to keep a record all the new things I learned/experimented with between character creations as a way to keep track of my progress in learning more about MUGEN development. This is just a very short summary and not extensive, but it might make for a good (personal) reference at least.

This page lists the characters I've created in order, and what new things I learned or utilized making them.

  1. Nymphaea
        Introduction to all basic character making (from ripping sprites, all the way to coding AI)

  2. Lady's Sorrel
        Further practice of basic character making, further usage of helpers, detection of palettes/character names

  3. Flower Drunk Girls
    Extensive use of permanent helpers to achieve specific effects, Super Armor mechanics, stat manipulation, Afterimage effect usage.  Round specific mechanic detection. Established a Nicodouga channel for overseas.

  4. Fennel
        Utilization of Custom States & sending enemies into custom states, separate "Common.cns" into own character file, modifying guard states, usage of more varied RNG, usage of Custom State nullification. Established a personal Character Creation template, out-of-screenbound moves

  5. Anri (Hiatus)
        Using Explods as UI elements, pickup/powerup mechanics, multilayered animations/sprites, extensive use of multiple ranged/projectile type helpers. Establish standard for AuthorName intro detection. Learned that rushing content last minute isn't a good idea.

  6. MLG/FKG Ivy
        Extensive use of the MUGEN v1.1 exclusive Zoom function, extensive Intro customization and gamemode detection mechanics, usage of Screen-wide animation effects (short cutscenes), extensive usage of PalFX effects, randomized attacks, multiple custom states, aimed projectiles, modification of hitstates/jumpstates. Creation of this website.

  7. Poppy
        Customized round/match victory screen animations, slight changes to AI coding methodology, usage of Reversaldef

  8. Habranthus
        Sprite methodology milestone and utilization of higher res sharper sprites for all future work. Establish new standard for AuthorName intro detection, usage of damage capping

  9. Anri (Revisited)
        Helpers that adjust position on either Player or Enemy. Heavy usage of variables to achieve desired effects. Custom UI elements that update on the fly. Utilization of HitOverride to achieve desirable effects.

  10. Plumeria
        Parry mechanics utilizing HitOverride, practice making Grab moves for a Grappler-type character

  11. Blossoming Nymphaea
        Basic usage of Assistant/Striker type Helpers, multiple victory screens depending on final hit

  12. DeeEhmCEE 2 Donte
    First attempt at editing an existing character, modified realtime tick equations for more accurate timing that won't break on higher game speeds, usage of custom matchover outros, practice of various methods and equations for positioning of helpers

  13. Hoshikujaku
    Revival system to prevent KO, multiple RNG values for more varied AI performance

  14. Mora (Custom)
    First time porting an actual fighting game character, utilization of several .cns files for more organized Statedefs, learned how to create and implement color palettes for indexed sprites

  15. Kitsune no Botan
    Revised standards for sprite resolution: smaller sprite resolution size while still keeping a good sharp image within the MUGEN engine. The result is overall smaller file size for all future projects without sacrificing much detail.

  16. Hallow Knight Girls (Pumpkin)
    Messing around with filling the screen with all kinds of helpers, practice making bouncing/physics based projectiles, helpers with hitboxes that react from being hit, special KO/hurt animations

  17. Kirakira
      Separated states into categorized state files for organization, implemented a configuration text file for setting options to a character, Further experimentation of custom KOs for both enemies and the character itself. Dynamic explod scaling. Experimentation on null abuse.