What is this?


If you're here, you probably already have an idea of what M.U.G.E.N is.

This website in particular is a hub for the characters I've created for the M.U.G.E.N Fighting Game Engine.

I'm currently into M.U.G.E.N for the sake of creating specific content: AI characters based on a Japanese game from DMM called Flower Knight Girl. While I usually focus on FKG content, I occasionally like to do other things for M.U.G.E.N such as character edits or custom stages.

Additionally, all of the characters I make are mainly for one purpose: AI vs AI spectacle battles, particularly on the Twitch streaming website called Spriteclub.tv. As such, the characters here tend to be rather unconventional characters that don't follow the rules of proper fighting game mechanics, mostly due to my lack of fighting game experience. Their AI on the other hand, can be quite unfair if fought by human controlled players. Despite being created for AI battles though, my aim isn't for all of them to be absolutely overpowering characters either (unless specified otherwise). They are first and foremost, meant to be entertaining to watch above all else, whether it be balanced or otherwise.

Despite being mainly for AI battles, nothing's stopping you from trying to play as, or against these characters if you'd like (they are fully controllable)! And if you're the type who already enjoy pitting AI controlled characters against each other, I hope these characters bring some entertainment to your roster.

Contact Info

E-mail: molomowmugen@gmail.com

I encourage people to contact me about any bugs, comments or suggestions they may have for the content I put out here.

I can be reached a few other ways. Usually, commenting on any of my videos on my Youtube channel, or any of my forum posts in Mugenguild.com or MugenFreeForAll.com should work. I'll eventually end up reading them.

You might also catch me on Spriteclub.tv, and I'm almost always on Spriteclub's discord channel.

About Me


I first got very interested in M.U.G.E.N when a Youtuber called Joel from Vinesauce had a fan M.U.G.E.N game created for him by a creator called Brergrsart. I thought it was overall hilarious. When I looked up Brergrsart and found his webpage, he mentioned that all this characters are showcased in a Twitch Streaming website called Spriteclub. I ended up visiting that stream regularly because I liked seeing thousands upon thousands of different M.U.G.E.N characters from all sort of creators duke it out in various matchmaking arenas.

As I started to mingle and become more familiar with the community, I started to get more and more interested in trying my hand at making a M.U.G.E.N character myself. Once I got an idea to make a series of characters based on an web game I play often, that's when I really got into it. I looked up various tutorials online and got help and feedback from the veteran creators of the Spriteclub community (and even from Brergrsart himeself), and after about a month in time, I was able to create and release a character to showcase on Spriteclub stream.
It isn't the most sophisticated character or anything like that, but it was interesting for viewers to watch. It was a well received debut and an overall great success that made me really happy.

So long as I continue to be interested, I'll continue to make M.U.G.E.N content.